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Damo K Drama

Damo K Drama

Damo, a historical Kdama set in Chosun era, revolves around 3 women - each who feels they're pigeon-holed by society. Chae-Ok's a damo (servant) for the police and a woman police investigator. Hwangbo Yoon, the police captain, is her childhood friend/protector and facilitates her investigator role. When the police are assigned to investigate a counterfeit coin case, Chae-Ok volunteers to go undercover during which she meets Jang Sung-baek; the rebel leader, who hopes for a society which is equal for all people. Now their lives become intertwined as they each try to attain their dreams.

Release Date: 28 July 2003 (South Korea)

Subtitle: English (Hardcoded)

Run time: 180 min (DVD) | 840 min (14 Episodes)


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